United Solar Roofing Systems

The Energy Efficient Home demonstration at the Atlanta, Georgia, Summer Olympics site uses a 2 kW UNI-SOLAR PV Shingle array. The system, configured as a 48 volt DC array, was installed in July 1996 and is operated as a grid-connected system using a 4 kW inverter.

UNI-SOLAR PV Shingles have been honored with the prestigious Popular Science Grand Award, "Best of What's New (Environmental Technology)," and Discover magazine's "Technical Innovation Award" for best innovation (Environment).

The Energy and Environmental Demonstration House in Lansing, MI, shows practical applications of resource efficiency. The house, operated by Urban Options includes a 2 kW UNI-SOLAR PV roofing shingle system. This solar electric roofing product provides protection from the weather while simultaneously generating pollution-free electricity. The 120 shingles in the array convert sunlight to electricity to meet most of the electric needs for the Urban Options facility.

A 1.5 kW system using UNI-SOLAR PV shingles is installed at the University of Denver astronomical observatory atop 14,264 foot Mount Evans west of Denver, CO. The new system consists of 96 UNI-SOLAR shingles mounted on the south-facing roofs of residence buildings for staff scientists. The stand-alone system includes a DC to AC converter and 16 storage batteries and has been designed to provide sufficient power to operate the lab's computers, instruments, and lights for up to five days.

The Centex Home of the Future employs an 800 W, 200 square foot UNI-SOLAR PV roof shingle system installed by United Solar and Elk Corporation. The system serves as a "home energy security system" providing solar electricity for important home loads including computers, security system, skylight drive motor, garage door opener and two emergency service outlets. The solar electricity system operates independently of utility service, saving the home owner electrical energy costs. In the event of a utility power loss, dedicated loads connected to the system continue to operate

The Engineering Lab Facility at the University of California, Irvine, uses UNI-SOLAR Structural Standing Seam roofing panels. The installation provides up to 6 kW of grid-connected solar electricity for the building with surplus power fed back into the local electric grid. The project was performed by Solar Utility Inc. of Culver City, CA under contract to Southern California Edison.


United Solar Systems Corp., under contract with Central and Southwest Services (CSW), Inc., designed and installed a 4 kW AC grid-connected solar electric vehicle charging station in Longview, TX. This system consists of 42 UNI-SOLAR Structural Standing Seam metal roofing panels, a combiner box, a 5.5 kW Trace inverter, safety disconnects and grid-interconnection equipment. In addition, a distribution panel at the facility is designed to allow recharging of up to six electric vehicles.

The UNI-SOLAR Architectural Standing Seam roofing system is used in an installation on a model 21st Century Townhouse built by the National Association of Home Builders Research Center. The metal roofing module is identical to a standard seam and batten roofing plate. This system provides 1.5 kW and is grid-connected. All United Solar roofing products use the company's high-performance triple junction cell design.