12 Volt x 7 Amp-Hr Gel Cell

Introducing our POWER STATION 2 .   The POWER STATION 2 (PS 2) is a 12 Volt 7 Amp-Hr gel cell reduced lead-acid battery pack. Unlike a ni-cad battery that has memory, you donít need to completely discharge the PS 2 before recharging it. The PS 2 can be recharged when it is partially or completely discharged. This gives you the benefit of always being able to recharge the PS 2 any time you wish. Therefore, the PS 2 can always be "topped off" and ready for action or emergencies.
The charger light on the PS 2 will blink, dim or extinguish when the unit is fully recharged. Both Power Stations (the original and new Power Station 2) have internal circuitry built into the AC input of the unit that control the charge of the battery. As a result, there is no danger of over charging the battery- though, it is recommended to disconnect the wall charger from the PS 2 when it reaches a full charge. Indefinitely charging the PS 2 with the wall charger will over work the wall charger. Since a gel cell only loses approximately 6-8 % of it's charge per month a fully charged PS 2 only needs to be recharged every 6-8 months when it sits.   
The PS 2 has two 12 Volt cigarette lighter outputs in the front that will provide up to 10 Amps. In addition, the unit has 2 hidden terminals in the back for powering up high amperage (up to 90 Amps for a short time) mobile HF or VHF/UHF radios, etc.