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Air Tanks, Fittings, and Hose Assemblies.

Please respect the Copyright to these photos. Images may not be copied, posted, or used in any way without written permission from Joe Brancato

Need a special fitting for that air tank? How about a hose with custom length or fitting? Is the hose on your air tank or pump to short or stiff? Need a gauge you can actually see?  Do you want to fill your air tank at a Paintball or SCUBA store? Scroll down and see what we have.  If you want something not shown, send an email and you'll be amazed at what we can do for you.

Most anyone who has owned a SCUBA tank will tell you that a SCUBA is already below its 3000 PSI max fill limit after the first time your airgun (AG) and SCUBA are HEAVY. With each successive fill, the SCUBA tank pressure is lower  than the previous so you never completely fill your AG to its capacity.   I have  4500 PSI tanks that will solve this problem.  How?  These are not SCUBA!  With 44 Cu Ft 4500 PSI SCBA tanks one can  fill an airgun 34 times before these tanks finally reduce to 3000 PSI (where SCUBA START!).  This is assuming an airgun with a 180cc tank (i.e. FX's LARGEST air tube) filled to 3000 PSI and re-filled at 2000 PSI.  AND THESE TANKS WEIGH UNDER 10 lbs empty.   All complete tanks have valves that continuously show the remaining pressure. No need to guess how many fills are left, or worse, not knowing its below the PSI that you need. 


By Popular Demand Micro-bore Replacement Hoses.

Everyone has been asking for replacement micro-bore hoses for their pumps and tanks.   Now we have  hoses that have a diameter of only .070" (1.78mm) and have a  fantastic strain relief on each end.  Finally we have a product that is up to OUR standards.


Tanks Have Arrived. 

Sizzling Summer Specials


Note: Any of the Specials below will work with the Crosman Discovery, Marauder or similar airguns with no extras needed


Special #1

66 Cu Ft 4500 PSI FG made in 8-2000 w/brand new hydro






SCBA Hose Assembly only $139 with purchase of tank

Special #2

44 Cu Ft 4500 PSI CF Tank made in March 03 has Protective Rubber outer casing that can peeled off  (and back on) revealing a like new tank.  Tank will have a BRAND NEW Hydro. only $299

Few Remaining


SCBA Hose Assembly only $139 with purchase of tank

Special #3

BRAND NEW 88 Cu Ft 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber w/rebuilt SCBA Valve

only $625.





SCBA Hose Assembly only $139 with purchase of tank

Special #4

Brand New 88 Cu Ft 4500 PSI Carbon Fiber tank w/BRAND NEW DIN300 Valve

 This Tank includes a Gauge, Bleeder hose and quick disconnect.


only $725.





MicroBore HOSE ASSEMBLIES for SCBA, SCUBA & Paintball

Below are pictures of the hose assemblies I provide for use with my SCBA, or similar tanks. Note: These are made with 100% HPA (Hi Pressure Air) rated fittings, hoses, gauges, etc. I won't sell paintball items and repackage it as HPA as they made to handle 800-1200 PSI pressure and do regularly fail.

Unlike paintball hose assemblies that are chrome plate brass, my hose assemblies are made with all stainless steel handtight tank fittings, stainless steel bleeder, stainless steel glycerin filled gauge with BAR & PSI readings, stainless steel strain-relief on each end of the hose for safety and durability, and stainless steel quick disconnect.   For ease of use, the large machined nut that screws to the tank is a stainless steel hand-tight, not a wrench-tight. The stainless steel bleeder has a large easy to use thumbwheel, which is significantly better than tiny thumbwheels or pushbutton type for ease of use, dependability, etc.   The 2.5" gauge is glycerin filled, shows both PSI and BAR, is accurate, and very easy to read.   The hose is 0.070"  (less than 2mm) inside diameter (the smallest available) x 36" long and terminates in a "Foster" type quick disconnect.  This 3 Foot wastes less air than a 3 inch x 1/4" diameter paintball hose.   Ours is the highest quality available (not questionable metal braided paintball hoses that are only rated for CO2 pressures and fail).  The hose is rated at WORKING pressure of 630 BAR (Over 9,000 PSI!) with a failure rate of over 5:1! (about 50,000 PSI). 

Notice how the hose on the right has a kink.  Ours are the ONLY hoses with a strain relief at each end, (where all other hose usually kink and fail).   Once a hose kinks, it should be replaced immediately or it could let go!     You don't want to go cheap when you are working with +4500 PSI!!!  (Good news, we have replacement  hoses if you bought other brands).  The hose terminates in a stainless steel quick fill (sometimes referred to as a Foster type or paintball quick disconnect) for connection ease.  This is not a CO2 pressure rated brass or chrome plated steel paintball quick disconnect that can't handle the pressure safely, but stainless steel!!!.   When purchased with a tank you will receive a significant discount on the hose assembly.

WARNING  We have seen paintball hoses (some have steel braiding) used on SCBA and SCUBA tank hose assemblies. Those type of hoses are NOT rated for 4500 PSI, but for CO2 pressures (800-1200 PSI).  Also, we have seen the brass or chrome plated "Foster" style female paintball disconnects used in some assemblies.  Paintball quick disconnects are not rated for 4500 PSI.   Those type of hose and fittings are designed for CO2 pressure 800-1200 PSI and FREQUENTLY fail at these higher pressure.  Remember, tanks may have up to 4500 PSI in them and Nitrogen have up to 6000 PSI.   Please don't use under-rated products for the sake of YOUR safety!!!

MicroBore Hand Pump or Air Tank Replacement Hose, or Hose Extension.

Tired of that short inflexible little hose on your hand pump or current air tank?   Would you like to sometimes have a longer hose?  Available in 1, 2, 3  Ft lengths for $39 with 1/8" or 1/4" fittings (BSPP also available), or $69 with Stainless Steel Male and Female Quick Disconnects on either  end. (Longer lengths also available)  Hose ID is only 0.070" inch, so very little air is wasted. (1 Foot of this hose has less air than 1 inch of 1/4" regular hose).  Strain Relief included on each end for SAFETY and longevity.





Here is our 3 Foot Stainless Steel Hose Assembly with 0.070 inch ID micro-bore hose, strain relief at each end and  Stainless Steel "Foster" type quick fill on the end , Stainless Steel Glycerin Filled Gauge that reads BAR & PSI, Highest Quality Stainless Steel Bleeder, and Stainless Steel Handtight Connector = $169 + $14.50 shipped priority mail and insured.  Rated to 6900 PSI





Same high quality hose rated at +6900 PSI, stainless steel DIN300 Fitting, Bleeder, and Quick Disconnect, bleeder,  Glycerin Filled Gauge and microbore hose with strain relief at each end. Similar to our SCBA Hose Assembly, etc., but made for use with DIN300 SCUBA tanks (Rated +4500 PSI)

This is a great replacement for hose those who currently have a 4500 PSI SCUBA tanks.





Same high quality hose rated at +6900 PSI, stainless steel disconnects and bleeder,  Glycerin Filled Gauge and microbore hose with strain relief at each end as our SCBA Hose Assembly, etc., but made for use with SCUBA tanks with SCUBA Yoke.

Note: Most SCUBA tanks and Yoke are only rated to 3000 PSI.  This is the heaviest duty Yoke made and is the ONLY one rated to 4000 PSI.  It is extremely sturdy (The nicest I've seen).  On sale!




HELIUM AND NITROGEN HOSE ASSEMBLIES If you wish to fill your air tank from a large Helium or Nitrogen tank, or if you wish to directly fill your air gun directly from such a tank, we have custom hoses for that.   These also have Stainless Steel tank fitting and come standard with 3 Foot x 0.070 inch ID micro-bore hose with Stainless Steel "Foster" type quick fill on the end and a strain relief at each end, Stainless Steel Glycerin Filled Gauge that reads BAR & PSI, Highest Quality Stainless Steel Bleeder with easy to turn knob = $169 + $14.50 shipped priority mail and insured.



CASCADE SETUP FOR 2 AIR TANKS Read near the bottom of the page to learn how to save air by cascading 2 tanks.  Two 44 Cu Ft tanks can actually be better than one 88 Cu Ft tank when cascaded together with this system. SCBA shown on Left, SCUBA Yoke on right (also available in DIN300, and other fittings).  Can also mix a SCUBA tank to bulk fill the airgun, and an SCBA to top it off.




UPGRADE THE GAUGE ON YOUR CARBON FIBER TANK from the small hard to read gauge with BAR and MPa (shown on left) to a larger easier to read Glycerin Filled BAR and PSI (Shown on right).  Now instead of guessing how many PSI you are putting in your tank, you will have an accurate and easier to read gauge from which you can directly read PSI.  Be safe, and don't miscalculate or guess in error.

This is a very high Quality Gauge for only $34!





Regulated Hose Assemblies. Useful for filling airguns or paintball tanks from a 6000 PSI tank, or if you wish to shoot your rifle from a bench while tethered to your air tank so that you have a constant fill pressure (great for big bore rifles too!).  Also fill your smaller air tank from a large 6000 PSI tank more safely.   Many other uses too!

Regulators If you wish to fill your air tank from a large Helium or Nitrogen tank, or if you wish to directly fill your air gun directly from such a tank, we have a regulator that can be added to our hose assembly.  These are 6000 PSI in, 0-5000 PSI out adjustable.




CUSTOM HOSES  Want to replace that kinked micro bore hose (ours is the only one with a strain relief on each end, so other brands often fail), or want a longer hose made to replace it, or an extension with quick disconnect on both ends, etc.?  How about a nice replacement microbore hose for that hand pump (less pumping required to fill it).  We can supply them!  Below are examples of custom hose assemblies and special adapters that we can provide.  Also available as "micro-bore" lines.


5' hose with Hand Tight SCBA Fitting to 1/4" MPT        5' hose with 1/4" MPT to Quick Fill (Foster)                  3' hose with DIN300 to Quick Fill (Foster)     




If you prefer to fill your tank at a SCUBA shop  that doesn't have an SCBA adapter, we have them. Or, if you want to fill it at a place that fills paintball tanks, we have that adapter too (When used with our hose assembly).

Note: All adapters are described from left side to right.


DIN300 (SCUBA) to Hand Tight Stainless Steel SCBA Fitting.  For filling SCBA tanks at a SCUBA Dive Shop. $89




Stainless Steel  Male Paintball (Foster type) to Hand Tight Stainless Steel SCBA Fitting. For filling SCBA tanks at places that fill paintball tanks $79.



  Yoke (SCUBA Block) to Hand Tight Stainless Steel SCBA Fitting. $89






 Fire House Adapter = Male DIN300 (SCUBA) Hand Tight to Stainless Steel Male SCBA Fitting. Good for two uses. 1) For using my high quality hoses with a SCUBA tank, or 2) for filling SCUBA tanks at a fire house.



  Male Paintball to Male Paintball Fitting.  For filling at a paintball store, or SCUBA shop that fills paintball tanks (through the hose assembly). Should only be used with my hoses as they are rate well above 4,500 PSI. 



Stainless Steel Male Paintball to Male Paintball Fitting $29.



Stainless Steel 1/8" Male NPT to Male Paintball Quick Disconnect $19 (Left)

Stainless Steel Female Paintball Quick Disconnect to 1/8" female NPT $29 (right)

$39 for the mated pair in Stainless Steel.



Stainless Steel Female Paintball Quick Disconnect to 1/8" Female NPT $29




Stainless Steel Female Paintball Quick Disconnect to 1/8" Male NPT $29




Male Paintball Quick Disconnect  to 1/8" Male NPT $19.



Male Paintball Quick Disconnect  to 1/8" Female NPT $19.





Dead Head (No, Not the Jerry Garcia type, the kind you put on the end of a SCUBA tank's hose to determine your remaining tank pressure).   Now in Stainless Steel  instead of brass $19




 (LEFT)  2.5" Stainless Steel, Glycerin-filled Gauge with PSI & BAR readout and 1/4" NPT $29. (color of scale may vary, i.e. Red, Blue, etc.)  Also available in 1/8" BSPP back or bottom mount (to upgrade other air tanks and hand pumps) $32

(RIGHT) READ THE PRESSURE OF YOUR SCUBA or SCBA TANK WITH THIS GAUGE.  If you would like an accurate gauge, that reads in BAR and PSI to easily measure the pressure inside your airtank, this is it.  Just connect the male "Paintball/Foster" type Male Quick Disconnect to your air hose, and that's it!  Only $49.





1" (23mm) High Quality Metal Gauge with BAR readout.  Excellent replacement for most air guns, air tanks, etc.  These are very nice gauges, not like paintball stuff.

Available in 1/8" BSPP back mount $35





[linked image]


Theoben Rapid MKII In-Stock Quick Fill.  No longer will you need to go through the ritual of removing the buddy bottle, burping the action, etc.  Just screw this into your Rapid and then you can just attach the Female Quick Disconnect of your hose directly to your Rapid!   In addition, you wont lose the air it takes to re-pressurize the action when re-installing the bottle.  Everything you need, Dowdy Seal, Threaded Fitting and Male Quick Disconnect, is included $59 







PROBE ADAPTERS   Most air guns come with some type of  unique "probe" or "adapter" to fill it with air.  Each probe has one end that attaches to the tank and another end that has a somewhat distinct thread.   One end of the adapter threads to the probe.   The other end of the probe adapter has a male quick disconnect that mates with the female quick disconnect on the hose assembly.   Basically these go in between the hose assembly and air tank probe.  The quick disconnect allows quick changing between multiple probes. Even if you only own one air gun, it is the standard that allows your probe to connect to the air hose to the probe and your probe to other peoples air tanks. 

Here is how you connect different fill probes to an using air hose with quick disconnect and your probe.  Note how the three probes on the left each have a male quick disconnect on the bottom (looks like a grease fitting). 

Left to Right - Examples of probe with Quick Disconnect for Theoben Rapid, FX Gladiator-Cyclone-etc., Older Air Arm S400 & S410, Air Hose.


 FX Probe, Dowdy Seal, 1/8" British Straight Pipe to Male Quick Disconnect (Sold as a set, or separate)




FX Probe with Integral Male Quick Disconnect (Upper)

FX Probe with 1/8" Male BSPP (Lower)




Dowdy Seal with 1/8" Female BSPP to Male Quick Disconnect (Fits FX, newer Air Arms, etc.)



Dowdy Seal with 1/8" Female BSPP to Male Quick Disconnect, in Stainless Steel. (Fits FX, newer Air Arms, etc.)


   Dowdy Seal with 1/8" Male British Straight Pipe to Male Paintball adapter (Fits older Air Arms, etc.)


  1/4" Female BSPP to Male Quick Disconnect, seals with Delrin insert (Fits Theoben Rapid, Condor/Talon, etc.). This is  shown on the right with Condor/Talon Adapter (Black Adapter not included).  Note: Some Condor adapters (for use with hand pump) require the 1/8" BSPP instead (listed above).



JIC Fitting to Male Quick Disconnect, seals with taper (Fits Korean Air Guns, I.e. Career, etc.)





 DIN200 to Male Paintball Quick Disconnect (Fits Steyr, Feinwerkbau, etc.) $39




Quick fill for Older Air Arms S300/S310 & S400/S410 to Male Paintball Quick Disconnect $35  (Also fits AZ Rapid Bottle Quick Fills)




Free Downloadable Target   First, double click the picture to see it full size. the right click on the the target and choose "Save Picture As".  Remember where you saved it, then print it out.  This is a great target for plinking, sighting-in, or competitions.  Have fun shooting.







Carry Strap for Air Tanks

Easily carry your air tank on your shoulder or via the hand strap with this nice sling made in the U.S.A.  Adjustable for use with 44, 66 or 88 Cu Ft SCBA as well as SCUBA tanks.  Only $29.95 + $5 Ship.





1) Until you find a place that fills to 4500 PSI. A tank is useless unless you can easily have it filled.

2) Just because a paintball shop says they fill a 68 cu in tank to 4500 PSI doesn't mean they will fill these large 88 Cu Ft (550 cu in), 66 Cu Ft or 44 Cu Ft tanks.  (And no, if you do the math, 88 Cu Ft doe not equal 550 Cu in).  88 Cu Ft is the volume of compressed air in the tank, 550 cu in is the volume of water the tank would hold.  Ask if the paintball store if it will fill a 550 cu in tank.

3) Re-read number 1!

OK, so you decided you want a tank. What do you need to start?

A) 44, 66, or 88 Cu Ft 4500 PSI tank. (A 66 Cu Ft will fill an FX over 50 times before it gets to 3000PSI)

B) A place to fill your tank

C) Hose Assembly (I have these in stock)

D) A Quick Disconnect that fits to the bottom of your fill probe as shown above (I have these if necessary).


Questions or orders, call Joe Brancato 714-612-5956




I just wanted to let you know that the MicroBore hose I recently obtained from you works perfectly, hooked up easily and the 3' length is so much more convenient that my original short, very stiff hose.  Kudos on a great product and your fast service!    Gerry C.


Just a note to say how pleased I am with the NOS 66Cf tank and hose assembly I got from you last fall. Everything was just as you said it would be. I was really impressed with the packaging to protect the tank from transit damage. Now that you offer microbore hoses, it's really a smokin' deal. I recommend you to anyone I hear of needing a tank.  RicG


I've purchased a complete SCBA charging assembly as well as various adapters and fittings from Joe Brancato. His prices are competitive and his products are of the highest quality and easiest to use available. I like having the hand tight fittings because I don't have to carry wrenches around. You know you're in the safe-zone when he sets you up. Above all, Joe has gone out of his way to assist me in hydrostatic of my own personal cylinder. You couldn't ask for a better guy than that!"  Brandon R.








When a 44, 66 or 88 Cu Ft tank reaches around 3000 PSI, it's time to think about refilling it.  This is air you can't "use" until you refill to a higher pressure.  If you have two 44 Cu Ft tanks you can actually use them to more advantage than one 88 Cu Ft tank by a technique called "cascading".   If you simply used one 44 tank down to 3000 PSI , and then the second to 3000 PSI, there wouldn't be an advantage over an 88.  What you do to get the cascade advantage is use tank #1 until it can no longer completely fill your tank to the pressure you desire (i.e. maybe it can only fill it to 2800 PSI, but you want 3000 PSI).  Now use tank 2 to just top off the airgun (that way minimal air is used from tank #2, which becomes the higher pressure tank).

So, when tank #1 is below 3000 PSI (or whatever is your max fill pressure), use it to bulk fill your rifle from 1600, 1800, or 2000 PSI  (or  whatever pressure you start to refill your airgun) all the way up to whatever pressure remains in tank 1.  Then only use tank 2 to "top it off" to your correct fill pressure.  For each fill, use tank #1 to get as much air in it before you switch to tank two.  Eventually you'll get to the point that tank #1 is so low and you'll just use tank #2. But you've drained tank #1 WAY lower than you could if it were part of a single 88 Cu Ft tank. 

By the way, notice our hose assemblies have a Stainless Steel HANDTIGHT fitting.   This makes it easy to switch between tanks without tools.