Handheld Antennas


  RD-8 Rubber Duck Antenna
Most manufacturer's stock rubber duck antennas are nothing more than a steel spring! Our 6.5" flexible wonder, the RD-8, will definitely improve your signal on both Two Meters and 440 MHz over any manufacturers stock duck. The RD-8 is the perfect companion to any of the popular dualband handhelds, and especially to those that offer 800/900 MHz receive (like the ADI AT-600), since the antenna also has a 900 MHz resonator. Scanning enthusiasts and amateur radio operators alike agree that the RD-8 offers fantastic performance at an affordable price. It has a gold plated BNC connector.

RD-8: $17.95


  RD-9 Super Flexible Rubber Duck Antenna.
The RD-9 is an extremely thin, extremely flexible 7" tall rubber duck that will surely improve your HT's performance on both Two Meters and 440 MHz. The antenna has either a BNC or an SMA connector which is protected by a rubber moisture shield, and is molded to sit firmly on your radio's connector, preventing excessive wear and tear.

RD-9: $18.95
RD-9SMA: $21.95


RD-78 High Gain Rubber Duck Antenna
Our RD-78 makes significant improvement over stock, steel spring type antennas. Hit local repeaters solidly, access distant machines, talk simplex with just an HT! The RD-78 is flexible, but stiff enough that it doesn't droop. Provides a solid signal with 2.15 dBi gain on VHF and 3.2 dBi gain on UHF. Gold Plated BNC connector and 900 MHz resonator.

RD-78: $22.95


  RD-98 Super Flexible High Gain Rubber Duck Antenna
A wonder to behold, the RD-98 is a 17" dualband HT antenna that is only 1/16th of an inch in diameter. The antenna is made of extremely strong and very flexible material -- you can even tie it in a knot without hurting it! This combination of strength and gain (2.15 dBi on Two Meters and 3.2 dBi on 70 Centimeters) has made the RD-98 the favorite antenna of emergency service volunteers and portable packet operators everywhere. The antenna's BNC (or SMA) connector is even fitted with a black rubber guard to keep out moisture.

RD-9: $24.95
RD-9SMA: $27.95


  AL-800 Super High Gain Telescoping Antenna
This highly popular antenna is Premier's top of the line. Great for hiking, riding, or whenever you end up on the fringes of your favorite repeater. Telescopes to 34" or collapses to 10". You even get two antennas for the price of one -- when you are back in town, unscrew the telescoping section and replace it with the 9" rat tail section (included). Has 3.2 dBi gain on VHF and 5.5 dBi gain on UHF.

AL-800: $34.95