• 100 WATTS
  • 3.5 to 60 MHz
  • SIZE: 12.5x8x3 in.
  • WEIGHT: 8 lbs.

QMS-37 SGC Cat. #55-50

The QMS family (left) is designed to  accommodate the SGC Smartuner family of couplers. The QMS-37 (above right) is based on the smallest Smartuner on the market: SG-237. 

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The QMS-37 can be mounted in minutes on any car, in any position, without drilling any holes. (antenna not supplied)
See "Jeep Cherokee Installation" for mounting tips on other vehicle types.
Small enough for any location, even on sub-compact cars.

An antenna swivel mount is included for easy antenna position, in any direction. (spring not supplied)
The antenna and spring are not included with the system. Suggested antennas are a 9 ft. whip either fiberglass or stainless steel, or the SG-307 antenna with a spring at the base.
The SG-237 coupler has a sturdy mechanical base, and is housed in a rugged enclosure, which provides protection from direct exposure to weather.
The QMS-37 can be mounted on a passenger door window.
Straps can be mounted around the door or with hooks on the top and bottom edges of the door.

A ground can be connected either temporarily or permanently next to the door hinges.
Preferred installation locations are at the highest point on the vehicle.
The straps must be tight to ensure that the suction cups are well compressed.

Side mounting over the back wheel is a convenient location for lower profile installations or those needing the system out of the way.
This configuration provides a very secure installation as the straps are short and taut.

Top trunk mounting also represents an easy and low profile installation.