SGC PowerTalk Head

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(Cat. No. 04-22)

The PowerTalkTM SG-2000 offers advanced ADSP®and SNS®technology packed in a slim, state-of-the-art control head. PowerTalkTM greatly increases signal clarity and drastically reduces noise, providing unsurpassed signal quality on the HF bands. You'll be able to hear more and do more with its precision tuning features.

An array of bright red and green LEDs provides precise visual tuning of high, low, and center frequency corners. Preset and user-programmable memories allow quick recall ofADSP®, SNS®, and high, low, center, and notch filter settings for easy operation. A high performance spinner knob gives you hands-on tuning.

PowerTalkTM SG-2000 features 644 ITU and ham frequencies, including SITOR/AMTOR/PAKTOR telex channels, permanently etched into memory, plus 100 user-programmable frequencies and easy Weatherfax connections. A full 150 watts of power. An extra large, extra bright LCD display and the latest surface mount technology. PowerTalkTM is a no compromise HF-SSB Power Tool.
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