cat. #54-20
  • For quick mobile set-up 

  • or base operation.
  • Light, agile, portable 

  • and efficient (300ma)
  • For any HF SSB operating 

  • 1.8 to 60 MHz
Operator can use ladder feed or end fed antenna.


SG-237 PORTA can be set up for temporary communications; install on a balcony or ground location. Unit is small enough to be hand held.

Unit is stable enough to be self-supporting on the ground.


Rugged internal construction for tough operation.

The SG-237 PORTA is supplied with a 9 ft. single jacketed power cord and coaxial cable, and a ground system of radial wires, each 12 ft. long, as shown.
Note: It is important that the ground radials and cable are never coiled. They must always be in a straight configuration. Always eliminate extra cable.
  • Any 9 ft. whip will provide good operations above 3.5 MHz, as shown.
  • A whip antenna is not included with the SG-237 PORTA system. It is optional.
  • For operation down to 1.8 MHz, we recommend at least a 28 ft. wire be used, or a loop antenna 20 x 20 ft.
A convenient 100 watt lightbulb with alligator clip will provide a good indication of proper operation of your radio+coupler system as shown in photo 8.